E-VALVE 15 mm LTC    

Solenoid Valve – No energy consumption – No heating Ideal for battery/portable applications

Latching solenoid valve consisting of an insulated copper wire class F (155°C) wound coil injection-encapsulated in a glass fi ber reinforced polyamide polymer and an independent valve body “click” – separable. This solution allows to switch the plunger position by a short simple pulse, then the valve keeps its state until the next pulse at reversed polarity.

Functional schematics

Techincal specification


– Tensioni (Volt)
– Potenze (Watt)
– Connettori elettrci (Molex, Tyco, Hirose, Jst)
– Protezione IP (Resinatura per applicazioni IP 67)
– Pressioni (bar)
– Funzionamento silenziato per ambienti quieti

Evaluation Board