E-VALVE 15 mm 2/2 HF    

Solenoid valve designed for low pressure – high flow rate

Solenoid valves with very large orifices that guarantee very high flow rates in extremely compact dimensions.

They are ideal for use in applications for controlling gases and fluids at low pressures.

Monostable solenoid valve consists of an insulated copper wire class F (155°C) wound coil injection
encapsulated with a glass fi ber reinforced polyamide polymer and an independent valve body “click” separable.
This patented design solution allows to keep mechanical and electric parts separated guaranteeing greater
rugginess, reliability, consistency of performance and fl exibility, making FIM competitive and the reference point
on the market.

Functional schematics

Techincal specification


– Tensioni (Volt)
– Potenze (Watt)
– Connettori elettrci (Molex, Tyco, Hirose, Jst)
– Protezione IP (Resinatura per applicazioni IP 67)
– Pressioni
– Funzionamento silenziato per applicazioni terapeutiche

Evaluation Board