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Food and Beverage


FIM Solenoid Valves for food and beverage processes

Many food industry processes require the use of solenoid valves, starting from the processing of the raw materials and ending with the finished product.
From milk to ice cream, from milking to the table, from grapes to the glass, from cereals to beer.
FIM produces direct-operation and servo-driven solenoid valves that guarantee optimal control of centralised processes for food industry systems.
FIM valves are resistant against all machinery cleaning liquids and allow the automation and speeding up of their processes, even in potentially explosive atmospheres such as in alcohol or flour processing.
Working alongside companies in the sector has allowed FIM to perfect its solenoid valves in a complex and fundamental sector.

Valvole a solenoide elettrovalvole adatte in ogni fase produttiva dell'industria alimentare industria casearia latte gelati allevamento mungitura industria vitivinicola microvalvole elettroniche industria alimentare