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How quality solenoid valves are produced

A FIM miniature solenoid valve is a concentration of technology. Its production requires multiple professional figures, high quality products, in-depth knowledge of all application fields and, above all, a passion for quality.

To maintain the highest standards, within the company, we have developed departments that allow us to follow the entire production process and to support the customer before, during, and after the purchase. We have also built up an international dealer network to export our solenoid valves and to satisfy the specific requirements of individual markets.

Management Departments:

• General Management • Commercial Department
• Administrative Department • Design Department
• Production Department • Procurement Department
• R & D Department • Quality Department
• Post-Sales Service


The production of solenoid valves and all accessories starts and ends in our facility in Lodi Vecchio where the production phases follow each other seamlessly allowing us to control the quality of each production step.

TPL Division

The TPL Division manufactures all technopolymer components required to produce the solenoid valves. Thanks to the design, the in-house construction of molds and a large inventory of plastic injection molding machines, the division is equipped to realise accessories and integrated solutions that meet the customer’s needs.

Solenoid Valve Assembly and Testing Division

The heart of the production process where the valves are assembled and inspected thanks to technological machinery and our technicians’ expertise.

PMX Division

The PMX Division assembles all electrical and electronic components integrated into the solenoid valves such as printed circuit boards and connectors thanks to the in-house processes of SMT pick & place, convection, wave and bench welding, cable cutting and stripping, terminal and connector seamer, resin coating and special processes.