For FIM Valvole, words are commitments.

Every day we translate into actions our determination to be the worldwide reference point for the production of quality solenoid valves, while being aware that we can concretely improve efficiency in each application field.

Cutting-edge technology, focus on results, customer care, leadership and commitment, guided process management, team building, continuous improvement, innovation, cooperation and social responsibility: gearwheels greased every day by our passion for quality.

FIM knows that world-class industrial production is an ever-changing, dynamic and creative environment. We aim to be the reference point in the production of solenoid valves over four continents. From Italy into a borderless world.

Deciding to produce in Italy is a choice that may seem to go against the tide and in some ways indeed heroic, but it is the best choice when deciding to pursue excellence day in and day out. We never considered delocalising our production by transferring it abroad, also because of the deep regard we have for our employees. Moreover, our awareness of the significance that a productive and cutting-edge company has for the territory makes us proud of this choice.


We started from solid roots and have come a far way; should you need us, you know where to find us.


Fim Valvole

Qualità italiana delle elettrovalvole FIM esportate in tutto il mondo