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Chemical, Analytical and Diagnostic


FIM solenoid valves for chemical and diagnostic sector

The variety and complexity of chemical and diagnostic analysis processes require solenoid valves that meet the requirements of excellence. FIM produces solenoid valves that guarantee reliability in contact with critical fluids such as aggressive liquids or gases or where contaminants must be avoided.

FIM solenoid valves are allies for the proper functioning of laboratory analysis and gas chromatography devices, dispensers, dosing units, mixers, samplers, plasma purification equipment, bacteria cultivation devices, cell counters and more.

FIM Valvole can draw on all its expertise to adapt to the customer’s specific needs thanks to years of experience gained from working with companies in the chemical and analytical sector.

Elettrovalvole per macchinari per l’analisi di laboratorio, cromatografia a gas, dispensatori, dosatori, miscelatori, campionatori, purificazione del plasma, coltivazione di batteri, contatori di cellule valvole a solenoide per l'industria chimica analitica