Solenoid valves for all industry needs

Since 1996, FIM Valvole has been designing, manufacturing and exporting solenoid valves with an extremely compact design, suitable for all industry requirements worldwide.

The main feature of our products is the patented modular construction system, which separates the mechanical and electrical parts. This guarantees greater robustness, reliability, consistent performance and production flexibility.

Thanks to this construction solution, we can produce each component in-house, thus achieving total quality control.
The TPL division designs and manufactures the moulds for the production of the micro-components, while the PMX division handles the production and assembly of the electrical and electronic components. Each final product is rigorously tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure compliance with the highest standards of reliability and performance.
Furthermore, the verticalisation of the company’s processes combined with decades of experience allows us tocustomise each product to meet the specific needs of each sector.

For FIM, Made in Italy has
always been more than just
a label; it is a continuous search
for quality and excellence

We carefully follow
every single
production phase
within our facility

Made in Italy quality

For us, Made in Italy is not just a label but a daily commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Each stage in the production of our solenoid valves is a perfect balance of automation and skilled labour, a combination that ensures maximum attention to detail.

Your industry, our experience

FIM Valvole solenoid valves are a guarantee for the smooth operation of machinery in both the short and long term. The quality of our products has made us a major international player in many industries, including: industrial automation, textile industry, medical and dental units, healthcare, analytical and diagnostic chemicals, electronics and semiconductors, packaging and marking, food and beverage, railways and public transport, agriculture, automotive and commercial vehicles.
Within our structure, all production phases follow one another seamlessly: this allows us to customise each product to the specific needs of each sector.

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We have been exporting innovation since 1996

From Italy to the world
We export our solenoid valves throughout Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, thanks to an international dealer
network that understands and meets the peculiarities of each local market.
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NEWS: 15 mm SP5    

The highest flow-rate in the market within the smallest size

Pilot operated 3 way/2 position valve actuated by 10mm 3/2 ISO, 15mm 3/2 STD (monostable) or 15mm 3/2 LTC (bistable) made by a poppet style valve body capable of generating an extremely high fl ow rate and fast response times within a very compact size.


NEWS : 15 mm solenoid valve model SP5    

Indirectly actuated 3-way 2-position solenoid valve servo-driven by 10 mm or 15 mm solenoids of the 10 mm 3/2 ISO, 15 mm 3/2 STD (monostable) and 15 mm 3/2 LTC (bistable) series consisting of a poppet valve body that allows very high flow rates, fast response times and in very small dimensions.
The SP5 has an all-new design that combines the advantages of the Hybrid Piston and Poppet Design models.
The result is a simple, safe, easy-to-assemble and high-performance solenoid valve.

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A wide range of solenoid valves with an extremely compact design thanks to patented technology since 1996.
Specialised in-house divisions to follow each stage of production, ensuring total quality control. All the experience required to meet the needs of every industry. A patented modular construction system. The ability to customise each product.
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