E-VALVE 15 mm 2/2 PRP    

Solenoid valve optimised for flow control

Cost-optimised valve for flow control ideal for closed-loop control circuits. The flow rate of liquids or gases is controlled by the movement (stroke) of the core, depending on the ratio between the attraction force and the spring load.

Proportional solenoid valve in which the movement of the plunger is controlled by an electric signal applied to
the solenoid that generates a magnetic fi eld. By varying the applied current, the force of attraction also changes
proportionally. The flow of liquid or gas is controlled by the movement (stroke) of the plunger, depending on the
relationship between the force of attraction and the spring force.

Functional schematics


Techincal specification


– Voltages (Volt)
– Powers (Watt)
– Electrical connectors (Molex, Tyco, Hirose, Jst)
– IP Protection (Potting compound for applications IP 67)
– Pressures (bar)

Evaluation Board